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The keys belong into the hands of the users: TeamDrive receives fourth ULD data privacy recertification in a row

By on November 20, 2013 in Comment

The confidence in an encrypted communication for the transmission of sensitive information over the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Here, the Independent Regional Centre for Data Protection of Schleswig-Holstein (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD)) lead by Thilo Weichert is a pioneer when it comes to independent verification and certification of privacy and security-related issues […]

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Cloud PR Disaster: Google's light-heartedness destroys trust.

By on Oktober 24, 2013 in Comment

It is common in companies that only certain spokesperson are chosen that may speak in public about the company. And it is tragic when favored few to make statements leading to question marks and uncertainty. Google has entered the second time within a short time in such a faux pas. After Cloud Platform Manager Greg […]

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"Amazon is just a webshop!" – "Europe needs bigger balls!"

By on Oktober 7, 2013 in Comment

This year I had the honor to host the CEO Couch of the Open-Xchange Summit 2013. This is a format were Top CEOs are confronted with provocative questions on a specific topic and had to answer to the point. Among the guests on the couch were Herrmann-Josef Lamberti (EADS), Dr. Marten Schoenherr (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories), […]

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Top Cloud Computing Washer – These companies don't tell the truth about their products

By on Juli 23, 2013 in Comment

Since the beginning of cloud computing, the old hardware manufacturers are trying to save their business from sales slumps by selling their storage solutions, such as NAS (Network Attached Storage), or other solutions as „private cloud“ products to position against real flexible, scalable and available solutions from the cloud. The Americans call this type of […]

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Cloud Computing ist not simple!

By on Mai 9, 2013 in Comment with 0 Comments
Cloud Computing ist not simple!

Cloud computing promises to be simple. Starting here and there a virtual server and the own virtual cloud infrastructure is ready. Those who think that I’m right with the statement are totally wrong. Virtual servers are only a small component of a virtual infrastructure at a cloud provider. A few virtual machines aren’t a cloud. […]

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Dead PC market – Microsoft is the scapegoat!

By on April 15, 2013 in Comment with 0 Comments

To start off with, I do not agree with every decision that Microsoft takes and by far there are products which I consider critical too. But what happened here just shows how narrow-minded some arguments are. The background of the excitement are the conclusions of the market researchers IDC and Gartner on the current situation […]

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One third of German companies use the cloud. Really? I don't think so.

By on Februar 28, 2013 in Comment with 0 Comments

According to a survey of Bitkom among 436 German companies a third of all respondents use cloud computing in 2012. This sounds good at first and shows that the cloud adoption is going upwards in Germany. However, I assume that the number is sugarcoated. No, not by Bitkom itself, but because it is still unclear […]

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Disgusting: Amazon treats people like virtual machines – the human cloud

By on Februar 15, 2013 in Comment with 0 Comments

This article is not directly about cloud computing, but if I look at the whole issue I see many similarities with the concept of the Amazon Web Services. Beyond that it makes me very angry, how a company like Amazon treats its employees – notabene HUMANS. Background A recently published documentary by the ARD (video) […]

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Office 365 Home Premium – Microsoft does not rely on software-as-a-service

By on Januar 30, 2013 in Comment with 0 Comments

Yesterday Microsoft has introduced its new Office for the retail market. The new Office 365 Home Premium promises to deliver new capabilities for direct connection to social networks, SkyDrive and Skype to facilitate communication with family and friends. In addition, each user has his personal office anywhere. Use it on a PC, tablet or smartphone […]

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"Variable cloud contracts" Please What?

By on Dezember 8, 2012 in Comment with 0 Comments

I’ve found an interview in the German CIO magazine with the title „We need variable cloud contracts„. Please what? Variable cloud contracts? These are three words which together don’t make sense and show that the cloud computing concept somehow has not arrived yet or, and this will be very awkward, the providers wrongly advised. Fragmented: […]

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