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Windows Azure Infrastructure Services – Microsoft is not yet on par with Amazon AWS

By on April 22, 2013 in Cloud Computing with 0 Comments

That Microsoft, as one of the world’s leading IT companies eventually have to fight with an “online store” and a “search engine” for market share, probably, no one ever dared to dream in Redmond. But that is the reality. Amazon and its Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the engine of innovation in the cloud computing […]

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Amazon acquires Eucalyptus cloud – It’s merely a matter of time

By on January 9, 2013 in Cloud Computing with 0 Comments

In the public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the undisputed leader. Regarding private or hybrid cloud solutions providers such as Microsoft and HP are in a better position. AWS itself has currently no own offering in this area. Instead, an exclusive partnership with Eucalyptus Systems was received in March 2012. Eucalyptus is some […]

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