Salesforce Customer Company Tour 13: Salesforce is using the cloud as a tool for the maximum interconnection

At once with a new self-created claim to be a „customer company“, Salesforce changed the name of their customer event „Cloudforce“ to „Customer Company Tour 13 (CCT13)“. And the CCT13 has shown the name fits, both the claim and the name of the event. Instead of letting Salesforce employees do the work predominantly, satisfied customer came to word and spread the messages.

Salesforce needs and wants more market share in Germany

Besides Amazon AWS and Google, Salesforce belongs to the early stage cloud provider. Compared to the international and European market the reputation in Germany is rather little. This is not due to Salesforce‘s portfolio, but rather the skeptical German cloud market. Furthermore Salesforce is still recognized as a pure SaaS-CRM in their outside image, but what the company no longer is. The focus needs to be changed on marketing the whole platform to show that and which business processes can be mapped to it.

With that the company starts during its CCT13. The idea for the new „Customer Company“ claim Salesforce gets from a 2012 IBM study. At it one can see that even young disruptive companies can learn something from the old stager. To ensure the claim to be a customer company Salesforce sets on seven pillars: social, mobile, big data, community, apps, cloud and trust. The first six can already be find in the portfolio. Trust is something that is naturally and should stand over all.

By the way, Salesforce will build a new data center in Europe, London, in spring 2014. In addition a global research and development center in Grenoble is planned.

The Internet of Things has a high priority

I was totally excited by the GE use case, which unfortunately just got only a little marginal attention. However, the use case is showing the big potential of Salesforce platform and in which direction the company will steer. GE is using Salesforce Chatter to let their jet engines send support teams status information (m2m communication). More background information following soon. But this video gives a good insight of the use case.

Salesforce is showing exactly what I already attested the cloud. The cloud serves as the technological basis for the maximum interconnection of everything, e.g. The Internet of Things. And here Salesforce with its platform and the strategic direction is on the right way to become one of the big player in this market.

But it is showing something else. Salesforce is more than just sales in the meantime. Maybe we experience the next mammoth project. Changing the name from Salesforce to „- we should be curious -“