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Application Lifecycle Engine: cloudControl launched Private Platform-as-a-Service

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider cloudControl has published its Application Lifecycle Engine, a private PaaS based on the technologies of its public PaaS. With it the Berlin based company wants to give companies the ability to operate a self-managed PaaS in the own data center in order to get more control over the location of the data and to control access to the relevant data.

cloudControl Application Lifecycle Engine

The cloudControl Application Lifecycle Engine technology derived from its own public PaaS offering which serves since 2009 as the foundation for the cloud service.

The Application Lifecycle Engine is to be understood as a middleware between the basic infrastructure and the actual applications (PaaS concept) and provides a complete runtime environment for applications. It offers developers the opportunity to focus on developing their application and not to be uncomfortable with processes and the deployment.

The published Application Lifecycle Engine is designed to enable large companies their own private PaaS to operate in a self-managed infrastructure in order to get the benefits of the cloud in their own four walls. The platform sets on open standards and promises to avoid vendor lock-in. cloudControl also spans a hybrid bridge by running already on cloudControl’s public PaaS developed applications on the private PaaS, and vice versa.

Furthermore cloudControl addressed service providers who want to build a PaaS offering itself to combine their existing services and infrastructure services.

Trend towards private and hybrid solutions intensifies

cloudControl is not the first company that has recognized the trend towards the private PaaS. Nevertheless the current security situation shows that companies are much more confident in dealing with the cloud and consider where they can store and process their data. For this reason cloudControl comes at exactly the right time to make it possible for companies to regain more control over their data and to raise awareness about where their data is actually located. Concurrently cloudControl also allows companies to enhance their own self-managed IT infrastructure with a true cloud-DNA by IT departments can provide developers with an easy access to resources to deliver faster and more productive results. In addition, IT departments can use the Application Lifecycle Engine as an opportunity to position themselves as a service broker and partner for the departments within the company.

Not to disregard is the possibility using cloudControl in a hybrid operation. It may well, relatively quickly, come to the fact that not enough local resources (computing power, storage space) are available, which are needed for the private PaaS. In this case the homogeneous architecture of the Application Lifecycle Engine can be used to fall back on cloudControl’s public PaaS, not to interfere with the progress of the projects and development activities.