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GigaOM Analyst Webinar – The Future of Cloud in Europe [Recording]

On July 9 Jo Maitland, Jon Collins, George Anadiotis and I talked about the opportunities and challenges of the cloud in Europe and countries such as Germany or the UK, and gave an insight into the cloud computing market in Europe. The recording of the international GigaOM analyst webinar “The Future of Cloud in Europe” is online now.

Background of the webinar

The European Commission unveiled its “pro cloud” strategy a year ago, hoping to reignite the stagnant economy through innovation. The Commissioner proclaimed boldly that the cloud must “happen not to Europe, but with Europe”. And rightly so. A year later, three GigaOM Research analysts from Europe Jo Collins (Inter Orbis), George Anadiotis (Linked Data Orchestration) and Rene Buest (New Age Disruption) – moderated by Jo Maitland (GigaOM Research) – looked at who the emerging cloud players are in the region and their edge over U.S. providers. They digged into the issues for cloud buyers in Europe and the untapped opportunities for providers. Can Europe build a vibrant cloud computing ecosystem? That’s a tough question today as U.S. cloud providers still dominant the industry.

Questions which were answered

  • What’s driving cloud opportunities and adoption in Europe?
  • What are the inhibitors to adoption of cloud in Europe?
  • Are there trends and opportunities within specific countries (UK, Germany, peripheral EU countries?)
  • Which European providers show promise and why?
  • What are the untapped opportunities for cloud in Europe?
  • Predictions for the future of cloud in Europe.

The recording of the analyst webinar