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Diversification? Microsoft’s Cloud OS Partner Network mutates to an “OpenStack Community”

By on December 17, 2013 in Cloud Computing

At first sight the announcement of the new Microsoft Cloud OS Partner Network sounds indeed interesting. Who doesn’t want to use the Microsoft public cloud directly, as of now can select from one of several partner to access the Microsoft technologies indirectly. It is also possible to span a hybrid cloud between the Microsoft cloud […]

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HP Cloud Portfolio: Overview & Analysis

By on October 31, 2013 in Cloud Computing

HP’s cloud portfolio consists of a range of cloud-based solutions and services. The HP Public Cloud is a true infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering and the current core product, which is marketed generous. The HP Enterprise Services – Virtual Private Cloud provides a hosted Private Cloud from HP. The Public Cloud services are delivered […]

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Cloud PR Disaster: Google’s light-heartedness destroys trust.

By on October 24, 2013 in Cloud Computing

It is common in companies that only certain spokesperson are chosen that may speak in public about the company. And it is tragic when favored few to make statements leading to question marks and uncertainty. Google has entered the second time within a short time in such a faux pas. After Cloud Platform Manager Greg […]

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Multi-Cloud is “The New Normal”

By on October 21, 2013 in Cloud Computing

Not least the disaster of Nirvanix had shown that one should not rely on a single cloud provider. But regardless of spreading the risk, the usage of a multi-cloud strategy is a recommended approach which already is conscious or unconscious practionzed. Hybrid or multi-cloud? What actually means multi-cloud? Or what is the difference to a […]

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“Amazon is just a webshop!” – “Europe needs bigger balls!”

By on October 7, 2013 in Cloud Computing

This year I had the honor to host the CEO Couch of the Open-Xchange Summit 2013. This is a format were Top CEOs are confronted with provocative questions on a specific topic and had to answer to the point. Among the guests on the couch were Herrmann-Josef Lamberti (EADS), Dr. Marten Schoenherr (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories), […]

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Enterprise Cloud Computing: T-Systems to launch “Enterprise Marketplace”

By on October 2, 2013 in Cloud Computing

According to Deutsche Telekom it already could reach about 10.000 mid-size business for its Business Marketplace. Now a similar success should be achieved in the corporate customer environment. For this the Enterprise Marketplace is available to purchase software, hardware or packaged solutions on demand and even deploy firm-specific in-house development for the own employees. SaaS, […]

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A view of Europe’s own cloud computing market

By on September 23, 2013 in Cloud Computing

Europe’s cloud market is dominated by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Rackspace. So the same providers that serve the rest of the world. Each of these global providers has a local presence in Europe and all have made efforts to satisfy European-specific concerns with respect to privacy and data protection. Nevertheless, a growing […]

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GigaOM Analyst Webinar – The Future of Cloud in Europe [Recording]

By on August 9, 2013 in Cloud Computing

On July 9 Jo Maitland, Jon Collins, George Anadiotis and I talked about the opportunities and challenges of the cloud in Europe and countries such as Germany or the UK, and gave an insight into the cloud computing market in Europe. The recording of the international GigaOM analyst webinar “The Future of Cloud in Europe” […]

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Top Cloud Computing Washer – These companies don’t tell the truth about their products

By on July 23, 2013 in Cloud Computing

Since the beginning of cloud computing, the old hardware manufacturers are trying to save their business from sales slumps by selling their storage solutions, such as NAS (Network Attached Storage), or other solutions as “private cloud” products to position against real flexible, scalable and available solutions from the cloud. The Americans call this type of […]

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