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TeamDrive SecureOffice: Seamless and secure document processing for smartphones and tablets

With “TeamDrive SecureOffice” the German vendor TeamDrive, known for its secure enterprise cloud storage solutions, and Picsel, the Smart Office manufacturer, have joined forces to launch the first secure office solution for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. TeamDrive SecureOffice presents itself as the first Dropbox-like synchronization solution with built-in office document handling and end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption for enterprises and government agencies

With the integration of TeamDrive’s – for safety tested and certified – sync & share technology, alongside Picsel’s Smart Office solution for mobile devices, the two companies strive to set a milestone for safe productivity solutions for mobile devices. According to both companies, TeamDrive SecureOffice is the first technology of its kind that covers the needs of companies and government agencies with complete end-to-end encryption while allowing the sharing of data by different users on mobile devices.

A sandbox provides seamless security on the device

Based on sandbox technology, shared documents never leave the secure environment provided by the application. Complete end-to-end encryption is initiated when employees send and receive files via mobile devices. Data stored in the application remains within the secure environment of the application even when, for example, a Word document is opened. The document is forwarded directly to the internally implemented Smart Office application and opened without ever leaving TeamDrive SecureOffice’s secure environment. With the integration of Smart Office in TeamDrive, an encrypted synchronization solution for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones will be realized.

Please note: On Android the encryption for the device itself and the SD card needs to be specifically activated in order ensure the highest level of security. On the iPhone and iPad, this is automatically active.

Features of TeamDrive SecureOffice

TeamDrive SecureOffice offers numerous functions. These functions include:

  • Support for multiple operating systems.
  • Powerful viewing and editing functions.
  • Comprehensive support for file formats such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF.
  • Automatic document adjustment by zooming and panning.

Furthermore, the user expects a reliable printing solution for mobile devices and the ability to export files from an office application to Adobe PDF and provide PDF documents with comments.

Secure mobile collaboration becomes more and more vital

The safe use of corporate data is top priority. As we continue with the ongoing transition to a mobile society, the way we work and collaborate in the future is bound to progress and change. The introduction and toleration of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in enterprises has led to a new era of protection needs, needs which present a particular challenge for any organization wanting to protect critical data and intellectual property to the fullest. Therefore, new technological advances are more than necessary to help protect against the loss of sensitive data during the use of mobile devices and to not lose sight of simplicity and ease of use.

TeamDrive has proven itself to be the safest German vendor of sync, share and cloud storage solutions. The company leverages its expertise and proven security technology combined with Picsel’s Smart Office to increase the productivity of employees through the use of mobile devices. At the same time, both companies break fresh ground with their sandbox technology and give the critical issues of data security and data loss special attention and value.

For large companies, government agencies and any other organization working with particularly sensitive data, it is crucial to adapt to the mobile habits of employees and to respond to these habits with appropriate solutions. A first look at the Android version of the app displays how the seamless workflow of Picsel’s Smart Office for mobile devices in conjunction with TeamDrive’s cloud-based sync and encryption technology for business can help to achieve this goal.