Buch – Cloud Computing Best Practice Guide: Strategies, Methods and Challenges To Managing Services in the Cloud

Titel: Cloud Computing Best Practice Guide: Strategies, Methods and Challenges To Managing Services in the Cloud

Autor: Ivanka Menken, Gerard Blokdijk

“This book is for business people who want to know how cloud computing will facilitate new breakthroughs in business innovation, how work gets done in organizations, how companies will interact with each other in value chains, and how management will change. If you are in some way responsible for the success of your company, you should read this book. If you are a CEO or CIO, you should definitely read this book.
Modern Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT managers are entering a new era of information technology, the era of the ‘cloud’. While many critics claim that there is not a great deal that is actually new with the concept of cloud computing; few would deny the likelihood of it becoming a dominant force in years to come.

Regardless of which definition of cloud computing that you subscribe to (and there are many), the continual drive for increased cost-effectiveness, agility, quality and responsiveness will mean that no CIO can ignore exploring the business case for its potential adoption. Some may claim exemption due to real (or imagined) risks in security, privacy, visibility, availability or latency as reasons for their resistance. But like all technological revolutions, the marketplace and economy will eventually respond as the possibility of strategic disadvantage looms.

As with all practical and common sense approaches though, first consider the problem(s) that cloud computing offers may offer solutions to. While many vocal supporters praise the benefits that cloud computing models bring, fewer have clearly defined the actual problems that have been solved or reasoned why other possible alternatives were not as suitable. So before CIOs spend large amounts of time investigating the virtues of different vendor offerings, thought should be given as to why their current offerings and management practices may (or may not) be stifling business growth, productivity or profitability.

To help individuals navigate through these largely uncharted waters, Managing Services in the Cloud analyzes and explains the strategies, methods and challenges involved with the adoption and ongoing management of cloud computing models as part of their IT service provision.”

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