Cloud :: Developer Convention ‘11 in Hamburg

The Cloud :: Developer Convention is the chance for any developer to get in touch with the best developers across europe. They should attend, network and become a part of the great community and take their chance to create an awesome application within a team during the Cloud Hackathon!

Developers, programmers and designers from all over Europe are invited to come to the design hotel EAST Hamburg for a two day convention on 13./14. of October 2011 to hack awesome applications and services on top of the worlds leading and most popular cloud computing infrastructures. During the whole event mentors from the worlds leading cloud infrastructure providers support them to implement their ideas.

At the end of the Cloud Hackathon, the results will be presented in front of the audience and the jury of leading developers and software architects from around the world.

The Idea

Attend and enjoy two days of meeting new people, learn new stuff and build apps and services on top of worlds leading cloud computing infrastructures with other talented developers from across Europe. They can win a prize from a pool of gifts sponsored by the cloud infrastructure providers.

And of course party, party, party in the Upper East of the EAST Hotel Hamburg.

The Awards

Of course anybody is a winner. They will become a part of a great community, meet new people, learn new stuff and much more.

But three categories will be awarded:

  • The most creative application!
  • The most cloudable application!
  • The most portable application!

Each cloud provider who is a partner of the Cloud :: Developer Convention ’11 commits to sponsor the prices.

More information and the registration are at