Buch – Workflow Scheduling for Service Oriented Cloud Computing

Titel: Workflow Scheduling for Service Oriented Cloud Computing: cloud, grid, scheduling, services, simulation, workflows

Autor: Adnan Fida

“In Service Oriented Computing Cloud (SOCC), applications are formed by composing a set of services together. In addition, hierarchical service layers are also possible where general purpose services at lower layers are composed to deliver more domain specific services at the higher layer. In general an SOCC is a horizontally scalable computing platform that offers its resources as services in a standardized fashion. Workflow based applications are a suitable target for SOCC where workflow tasks are executed via service calls within the cloud. One or more workflows can be deployed over an SOCC and their execution requires scheduling of services to workflow tasks as the task become ready following their interdependencies. In this thesis heuristics based scheduling policies are evaluated for scheduling workflows over a collection of services offered by the SOCC. Various execution scenarios and workflow characteristics are considered to understand the implication of the heuristic based workflow scheduling.”

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