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Amazon AWS builds a data center in Germany: Nice idea!

By on June 7, 2014 in Cloud Computing with 1 Comment
Amazon AWS builds a data center in Germany: Nice idea!

The Amazon Web Services will open a new cloud region targeting the German market by establishing a data center in Germany (Frankfurt). But is this so exciting for German companies? Amazon AWS to touch down in Germany Apparently, Amazon AWS has recognized the importance of the German market and the concerns of German companies. Crisp […]

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The cloud computing market in Germany 2013

By on July 17, 2013 in Analysis

The significance of cloud computing continues to increase in Germany. If you believe in local market researchers the interest in on-demand services continues unabated and is even increasing steadily. The same can be said for the vendor side. Periodically, new services or even providers appear on the market. In particular, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is […]

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PRISM plays into German and European cloud computing providers hands

By on June 13, 2013 in Comment

The U.S. government and above all PRISM has done the U.S. cloud computing providers a bad turn. First discussions now kindle if the public cloud market is moribund. Not by a long shot. On the contrary, European and German cloud computing providers play this scandal into the hands and will ensure that the European cloud […]

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Enterprise Cloud Portal: T-Systems consolidates its cloud portfolio

By on May 10, 2013 in Analysis with 0 Comments

With its Enterprise Cloud Portal German Telekom subsidiary T-Systems presents its first cloud service-wide offering for corporate customers. On the portal, companies can inform about the cloud solutions from T-Systems, test them and order directly. The currently offered services include solutions for mobile device management, Dynamic Services for Infrastructure and the Enterprise Marketplace. A look […]

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Microsoft probably builds a cloud computing data center in Germany

By on April 27, 2013 in Analysis with 0 Comments

First, I have this information not from a Microsoft employee, so it is not a confirmed report. However, three people have told me, independently from each other, the fact that Microsoft plans to build at least one data center for its cloud services, including Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365, in Germany. Therefore, one should […]

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